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Foreword from our CEO

The year 2021 was a positive year for Nedap, despite the ongoing challenging times as a result of the pandemic. We are very pleased with this development, despite component shortages and other disruptions in the supply chain slowing down growth. Ruben Wegman (CEO) reflects on 2021.

201123 Martin Hogeboom N068 B

1. About Nedap

Technology for Life is our goal and drives us in everything we do. Our story succinctly summarized.

1.1 The Nedap Story
1.2 Our approach
1.3 Our value creation model
1.4 The organisation
1.5 Five-year summary
1.6 Nedap shares
1.7 Employee participation
1.8 Sustainable value creation

2. Developments in 2021

During the Capital Markets Day in March 2021, we presented our strategic plan called Step Up! The core aim of this plan is to accelerate the company’s growth through better utilisation of the potential of our portfolio of propositions. Read more about this plan and about the financial affairs during the year under review.

2.1 Progress on the strategy
2.2 Financial targets
2.3 Financial affairs
2.4 Vision on sustainable value creation
2.5 People, culture and leadership

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3. Developments at business units

Our technology makes situations clear. Read about the main developments at the business units in 2021.

3.1 Healthcare
3.2 Identification Systems
3.3 Light Controls
3.4 Livestock Management
3.5 Retail
3.6 Security Management
3.7 Staffing Solutions

4. Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance provides insight into the composition of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. In addition, risk management is an essential part of our strategy. We explicitly seek a balance between acceptable risks on the one hand and entrepreneurship and long-term value creation on the other. Read how we identify and mitigate risks that could have a significant negative impact on the achievement of our strategic and financial objectives.

4.1 Board of Directors member details
4.2 Supervisory Board member details
4.3 Risk management
4.4 Corporate Governance
4.5 Directors' statement

People at Nedap

5. Report Supervisory Board

Read about the findings of the Supervisory Board in their role of supervising the Management Board, the progress of the Step Up! strategy and the remuneration policy during the 2021 reporting year.

5.1 Report of the Supervisory Board
5.2 2021 remuneration report

6. Financial statements

6.1 Consolidated financial statements
6.2 Company financial statements
6.3 Audit certificate issued by the independent auditor
6.4 Articles of association provision regarding profit appropriation in accordance with Article 43
6.5 Companies and management

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