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Developments at business units

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3.1 Healthcare
3.2 Identification Systems
3.3 Light Controls
3.4 Livestock Management
3.5 Retail
3.6 Security Management
3.7 Staffing Solutions

3.1 Healthcare

Nedap Healthcare develops software services that allow healthcare professionals in the Netherlands to interconnect.

Developments in 2021

Ons® software platform
The Healthcare business unit made major strides in 2021 when two of the Netherlands’ largest mental healthcare facilities switched to Nedap’s Ons® software platform. Both in what is called the VVT sector in the Netherlands, which is made up of nursing homes, care homes, and home care organisations, and in disabled care, Nedap’s Healthcare business unit has further expanded its leading market position. Today, over 1,000 healthcare facilities across the Netherlands use the Nedap platform every day, making Nedap the market leader in the Dutch healthcare industry.

Organisation and architecture
The Healthcare business unit has grown over the past 20 years, both in the number of customers and in its workforce. The major challenge is to guarantee the continuity and quality of our services while also creating scope for innovation and improvement of our software. In order to pull this off, the Healthcare business unit has launched two major projects. The first project is all about developing and implementing a new organisational structure where the various separate product teams are merged into a number of larger teams organised around a specific topic. The other project that has been launched, is the Unify Ons®-project. Besides the design, the architecture will also be updated to speed up the development of new features that are better aligned with the preferences and requirements of individual users.

Good progress was made on both projects in 2021. The drastic transformation of the organisation and the software platform will continue to require considerable effort from everyone at the Healthcare business unit over the coming period. The need for change, however, is broadly recognised across the business unit and both projects have already delivered the first successful results.

Nedap Healthcare Ons small2

Caren is linked to the Ons® software platform, thus connecting informal care to professional care provided by facilities. In 2021, we hit a significant milestone when we welcomed the 400,000th Caren user, making Caren the Netherlands’ largest healthcare platform by far.

Nedap previously launched the Nuts initiative, which is an open source platform to which software packages in the healthcare domain can be connected and that makes collaboration easier. Meanwhile, over 20 software vendors have developed a Nuts interface and the first seamless electronic patient data transfers have been performed successfully. Creating access to the previously closed data silos in the various software packages in the healthcare sector unlocks a whole new array of opportunities for solutions that support effective collaboration in healthcare. The Healthcare business unit has formed a dedicated team that will focus solely on seizing these market opportunities.

Nuts screenshot
Results and outlook

In 2021, the Healthcare business unit’s market share grew in all of its markets, i.e. in elderly care, disabled care, mental healthcare, and domestic care. Further growth is expected in 2022, partly on the back of opportunities in the mental healthcare market. Given the growth opportunities the healthcare market offers us, we will continue to invest in further expanding the organisation’s development capacity and commercial strength over the coming years.

“Make no mistake, the combination of Ons® and Caren is a great help for us as a mental healthcare facility. It is entirely in line with our approach of giving clients greater control of their recovery process. While Nedap is always open to good ideas, they do not just go along with whatever I say. That’s what I call an equal partnership.”

Richard de Fijter, ICT Manager, Reinier van Arkel

3.2 Identification Systems

Nedap Identification Systems develops hardware and software for vehicle identification systems worldwide.

Developments in 2021

The Identification Systems business unit has a strong position for this market. In 2021, the focus was on perfecting the product portfolio and further strengthening the business unit’s sales and operating activities, which resulted in revenue growth.

The business unit sells its MOOV solution mainly in the Netherlands, and increasingly also in Belgium. The unit saw its leading market position grow steadily over the past year.

In July, Nedap announced that it would be bringing investments in SENSIT, the wireless vehicle detection platform, into line with the change in demand in the market. In consultation with partners over the subsequent months, a decision was ultimately made to proceed to a controlled phase-out of SENSIT.

Identification Systems Sensit small
Results and outlook

Identification Systems saw its revenue grow in 2021, despite demand in the market still not having caught up with 2019 levels. The SENSIT phase-out is expected to be felt in 2022 and push revenue below the 2021 figure.

"The Nedap TRANSIT Ultimate system and the support we received during our roll out has exceeded our expectations. Our substation personnel can now insert their existing access card into the Nedap Prox Booster (in-cab) to gain long range access for them and their vehicle. Our personnel are accounted for and can safely and efficiently do their jobs… providing power to the entire city of New York.

Brian Kennedy, manager Corporate Security Capital Projects Team, Con Edison, New York

3.3 Light Controls

Nedap Light Controls provides sustainable lighting solutions and UV lamp driver technology worldwide.

Developments in 2021

Connected lighting
With Luxon, a connected lighting platform, the Light Controls business unit supplies light management electronics and software services. In 2021, new customers and various existing customers again opted for Luxon for their lighting projects. Nevertheless, the Light Controls business unit fell behind on its targeted growth acceleration, prompting the decision to gradually phase out Luxon as a proposition.

UV technology
On the back of the tightening of environmental requirements and an increasing need for (cost) efficiency and sustainable solutions, the Light Controls business unit saw its backlog of UV driver orders grow over the past year. Demand for UV equipment was up globally. Seeing as component shortages were a major challenge, the Light Controls business unit was not always able to deliver on time.

Nedap Luxon Retail 2
Results and outlook

Luxon revenue was down in 2021. However, this was offset by an increase in UV technology product sales that meant that the business unit posted net revenue growth for the year, despite supply delays caused by component shortages. Demand for Nedap UV drivers is expected to continue to grow in 2022.

“The team dedicated to finding alternatives to components that are in short supply is working closely together with our network of suppliers. Thanks to these efforts, we are jointly managing to minimise the impact of component shortages on our services.”

Jeroen Somsen, Nedap Light Controls business unit leader

3.4 Livestock Management

Nedap Livestock Management develops technological solutions for the dairy farming and pig farming industries worldwide.

Developments in 2021

Dairy farming
CowControl, the Livestock Management business unit’s leading dairy cattle monitoring and management system, was highly successful in 2021. Growth was particularly strong in China and the United States. Not only did the Livestock Management business unit land new customers, but existing CowControl users also increasingly procured other products from the Livestock Management range. There was also growing success in the marketing of CowControl through genetics companies that have embraced our solution as complementary to their own products and sell it as such. On the whole, the Livestock Management business unit is seeing that the automation of operations is gaining ground at more and more dairy farms. Specific factors behind the growing popularity of automation are an increasing focus on sustainability, animal welfare, and labour efficiency.

Livestock video
Nedap Cow Control Augmented Reality Pregnancy Check

Pig farming
With Nedap ProSense, Nedap PorkSense, and Nedap SowSense, the Livestock Management business unit offers solutions for various phases of production in pig farming. The growth acceleration that we saw in early 2021 was halted by the lingering consequences of the African swine flu outbreak in China. A positive development was that existing customers were so pleased with the user experience that they again chose Nedap products when they expanded their pig farming operations.

Results and outlook

The business unit posted higher revenue in 2021. Revenue was held back across the board by component shortages. For the coming year, the Livestock Management business unit expects further revenue growth, whereby the level of growth will hinge on component availability.

“Over the past few years, we have greatly intensified the support we give our business partners in the area of marketing and communications. We are actively working together to promote and sell our technology. We get partners actively involved in the marketing campaigns we run across the world. They see the results reflected in increasing product awareness, an influx of new customers, and also in revenue growth.”

Rudy Ebbekink, Global Marketing & Communications Manager, Nedap Livestock Management

3.5 Retail

Nedap Retail develops and markets RFID solutions that help retailers across the globe make their inventories completely transparent, optimise their shop processes, and prevent loss of income.

Developments in 2021

Over the past year, COVID-19 once again underlined the need to successfully combine the commercial potential of online and brick-and-mortar retail. The Retail business unit saw the need for a successful omnichannel approach increase sharply among fashion and sporting goods retailers in particular.


Fashion & Sports
n 2021, the Retail business unit continued to advance with the launch of the iD Cloud platform, an integrated suite
of software-as-a-service solutions for the entire supply chain, including shops and distribution centres. This platform tracks every unique product movement and provides access to all the data gathered, enabling better support for processes and offering valuable insights. Nedap Retail is also growing in the United States, prompting the business unit to invest in further expanding its organisation and technical infrastructure there.

Over 10,000 shops have already opted for iD Cloud, making it the fastest growing RFID platform in the market.

RF-based anti-shoplifting systems
With a refined product range and targeted commercial activities, the Retail business unit was successful in landing new customers, especially in the Essential Retailing sector, i.e. food and health & beauty product retailers.

Results and outlook

Like other business units, Nedap Retail faced component shortages and saw delays in projects caused by COVID-19 restrictions. Despite these developments, the Retail business unit still showed revenue growth. For 2022, Nedap Retail foresees a continued rise in demand for its propositions. Ongoing disruptions in the supply chain, however, make it hard to predict to what degree growing demand will translate to revenue growth.

“We are seeing a clear change in the traditional role of shops. Shops used to be where you’d go to try on a product and then buy it, but shops nowadays serve a much broader range of purposes. Shops are a key element in creating a full omnichannel brand experience. Our shops today are also like mini distribution centres, so that our customers can pick up items they have just bought online at their nearest store or have them delivered to their home on a next-day delivery.”

Barry van Wijk, Head of Retail Operations Europe, G-Star RAW

Security Management3

3.6 Security Management

Nedap Security Management develops access control and security systems for companies and public-sector institutions worldwide.

Ontwikkelingen in 2021

20 years of AEOS
In 2001, the Security Management business unit revolutionised the physical access control market with the launch of the web-based AEOS platform. Time and time again over the past two decades, the architecture of this platform has proven to be technologically advanced and to keep pace with its customers’ needs. In parallel with the globalisation driven by technological developments, the trend of uniform global access control is also enduring. It prompted several major multinational customers to invest in implementing AEOS for their sites in Europe and elsewhere in 2021.

Thanks to the flexibility that AEOS offers, customers were able to adjust their access control systems during the pandemic to bring them into line with the COVID-19 restrictions that were in place last year. Channel partners were able to quickly tap into demand for smartphone-based access by using the openness of the AEOS platform.

AEOS integrations
What sets the Security Management business unit apart from many other security system vendors is the open nature of AEOS. The business unit’s in-house development focus is on the core of access control. And to supplement this, they are working together with best-in-class technology partners. The business unit has a team in place to support these partners in building AEOS integrations. The Technology Partner Programme really proved its worth in 2021.

What sets the Security Management business unit apart from many other security system vendors is the open nature of AEOS. The business unit’s in-house development focus is on the core of access control. And to supplement this, they are working together with best-in-class technology partners. The business unit has a team in place to support these partners in building AEOS integrations. The Technology Partner Programme really proved its worth in 2021. In the first six months of the year, the Security Management business unit ran a large-scale marketing campaign to raise awareness of their thought leadership position on this topic and their cybersecurity solutions. One example are the Security On Air broadcasts, a new initiative aimed at getting our messages out to customers.

Security Management Security On Air

With the creation of the Nedap Polska subsidiary, we strengthened our presence in this growth market in 2021. This subsidiary has meanwhile landed various new, high-profile customers from the energy, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Results and outlook

In this anniversary year, twenty years after AEOS was launched, Security Management can look back on excellent performance in 2021, as they connected more new secure doors to the platform than ever before.While the Security Management business unit foresees continued strong demand for AEOS in 2022, it is difficult to predict the impact of uncertainty around COVID-19 and persistent component shortages on the level of growth.

"Serving a wide range of customers means accommodating a wide range of requirements. AEOS is a rich and future-proof platform that is based on open standards. A key aspect is the collaboration with our Technology Partners. They are the best at what they do, each and every one of them, and with their specialist expertise they contribute to offering the best possible service to customers.”

Susanne Adriaanse, Nedap Security Management business unit leader

3.7 Staffing Solutions

With focusing specifically on the Dutch market, Nedap Staffing Solutions develops workforce management software that facilitates timesheet processing, employee scheduling, and access control.

Developments in 2021

In 2021, Nedap’s Staffing Solutions business unit made a strategic choice to focus fully on just one proposition, Flux. Workforce management software Flux makes it easy for companies to manage their pools of permanent and temporary (flexible) employees. The decision to focus on one proposition gives the Staffing Solutions business unit scope tap into market needs faster. It has already enabled the business unit to develop extra features and high-quality interfaces with things such as payroll packages faster than ever. The Staffing Solutions business unit further targeted logistics and production companies to an increasing degree and saw its market share grow.

Over the past year, Nedap Staffing Solutions invested heavily in strengthening its marketing and sales activities. Combined with the rapidly growing range of features of the Flux proposition, this has resulted in Staffing Solutions reaching increasing numbers of employers who are interested in their software services.

Staffing Sol 2
Results and outlook

After a slow start to 2021, investments in new systems picked up around the summer. The Staffing Solutions business unit saw its revenue grow compared to 2020 and they foresee further revenue growth for 2022.

“Flux has simplified processes enormously and mainly makes everything more transparent for employees. And we, as the HR department, have better control over leave balances and overtime. This helps us ensure that people take their leave in time. That’s an important part of our policy of keeping the workforce fit and healthy.”

Jos Albers, HR Shared Services manager, Teijin

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