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Nedap Group

About Nedap

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1.1 The Nedap Story
1.2 Our approach
1.3 Our value creation model
1.4 The organisation
1.5 Five-year summary
1.6 Nedap shares
1.7 Employee participation
1.8 Sustainable value creation

1.1 The Nedap Story

Nedap is a high-tech company that creates high-quality, innovative technological solutions. We are passionate about technology and how it can help people be happier and more successful in their professional lives. This is what we call Technology for Life. This is our goal and what drives us in everything we do.

In order to develop technology that has a tangible impact on people’s professional lives, you need a people-driven approach. That is why we say: First people, then technology.

Developing and delivering Technology for Life is by no means simple. It takes effort, conviction, and perseverance, because it will often be years before you get it right. This calls for a long-term perspective, a perspective that we have branded Urgent Patience: working full of energy and focus every day, combined with the required dose of patience and perseverance. A solid financial basis and a resilient portfolio of propositions are key preconditions for us to be able to adopt this perspective.

We can only do this sustainably if we create ‘real’ value, for our customers but also for ourselves. The way we see it, our market share reflects our relevance in our customers’ professional lives. This is why we target market leadership in the markets in which we operate, practising the kind of patience and showing the resolve needed to achieve that.

We see high added value per employee as a key success indicator for the process, whereby we harness knowledge of and insights into markets and technology to realise sustainable market impact. This is what enables us to keep investing in our capacity to set ourselves apart: our people, our culture, and our leadership vision.

Observe Create Scale

1.2 Our approach

In developing and testing our new propositions, we go by the following approach.

We observe

We analyse the markets in which we operate and take part in the professional life in those markets to gain valuable insight into what is needed to help people get even better at what they do.

We create

We create elegant solutions that have great impact and are easy to use, which is a key precondition for relevance in many people’s day-to-day professional lives.

We scale

We always aim for leadership in the markets in which we operate. As soon as we have shown our relevance in a market, we want to be able to scale up quickly. Scalability is, therefore, an essential design requirement in creating solutions.

1.3 Our value creation model

We only consider our propositions to be successful when they invariably create real value: value for people, planet and society, in combination with healthy financial results. A large market share is proof of our relevance in people’s day-to-day lives and high added value per employee is an indicator of the success of our value creation process.

1.4 The organisation

We believe that our propositions will be impactful if we make the right strategic choices. We are convinced that it is essential that the people making these choices be tuned into the market, have detailed knowledge, and personally experience the consequences of their choices. This is why we have business units. Aside from that, there are business processes where a Nedap-wide approach is more effective. In order to make the most of our company’s potential, we cluster expertise and experience in excellence workstreams. The usual corporate teams help ensure the organisation’s continuity. Day-to-day management of the business units is handled by the business unit leaders, while ultimate responsibility lies with the Board of Directors.

1.5 Five-year summary

Gain insight into numerical trends over the past five years.

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1.6 Nedap shares

Euronext Amsterdam listing

Nedap has been listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange, which is currently known as Euronext Amsterdam, since 1947, trading under the ticker symbol NEDAP and ISIN code NL0000371243. Nedap is included in the small cap index. All Nedap issued shares are ordinary shares with a nominal value of €0.10. As at 31 December 2021, a total of 6,486,501 ordinary shares were outstanding.

Dividend policy

Nedap’s dividend policy ensues from the company’s strategy and long-term policy. The policy is made based on a careful assessment of how much of the profit is deemed necessary for investments in profitable growth and the intended financing structure. The remaining amount is paid out to shareholders in full.

4 Governance

1.7 Employee participation

Employee participation plan

Since the founding of Stichting Medewerkerparticipatie Nedap in 2010, employees have been able to acquire depositary receipts for shares in Nedap. Every year, they have the option to use either part or all of their profit share to purchase depositary receipts for Nedap shares. The idea behind this is to align the interests of Nedap employees and Nedap shareholders, thus forging a shared commitment to Nedap’s further development.

Nedap Michele Giebing 76

1.8 Sustainable value creation

The Nedap Story is about Technology for Life. This calls for a long-term perspective on value creation. In this respect, Nedap wants to play an active and prominent role in shared value creation. We firmly believe that our focus on commercial success and our intrinsic motivation to make this happen in a sustainable way are mutually reinforcing.

The Nedap Code of Conduct

In May of the 2021 financial year, we put the finishing touches to the Nedap Code of Conduct. The Code sets out the ethical and legal frameworks for our day-to-day activities:

  • We act with integrity;
  • We act with respect;
  • We work responsibly;
  • We work professionally.
Material topics

In 2021, we further refined our sustainability vision based on the stakeholder dialogue. In a materiality matrix compiled over the 2021 financial year, we have recorded fourteen sustainability topics that impact Nedap or that we, as Nedap, (can) impact.

Based on the input, we have established four material topics and specified a concrete ambition for each of these topics:

  1. Helping customers go green with our products and solutions.
  2. Creating a value chain with minimum adverse impact.
  3. Enabling people to develop and thrive.
  4. Minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

Read about activities by core theme and developments in sustainability over the past year in Chapter 2.

Supply chain responsibility

One area where Nedap’s sustainability drive materialises is in our supply chain responsibility. As a company, our overriding aim is to minimise the harmful environmental impact of our operations, and even prevent it altogether wherever we can.

EU Taxonomy

Over the past years, the European Parliament and the European Commission have worked on regulations for non-financial reporting (EU regulation 2020/852, also known as the ‘taxonomy regulation’). This regulation establishes a framework to facilitate sustainable investment, essentially classifying economic activities based on their contribution to hitting specific environmental targets.

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